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Massage Parlor


Address: Jl. Talang Betutu No. 4, Tosari – Blora, Jakarta 10230

Phone: +6221-319-2446

Direction: From Sarina mall, you will pass Pulman Hotel (used to be Nikko Hotel, on your left), Plaza Indonesia Mall & Kempinksi Hotel (on your right), keep going straight toward Semanggi area. Once you pass the bus station, don’t pass the bridge but turn left as you want to make a U-turn, then turn right & passing the under-pass and turn right, turn left on the first street there (there is a new building construction in progress). 9M is the second building on your right.


Price: IDR 100,000 for weekday & 150.000 for weekend.

Once you pay the entrance fee and leave your ID card, you will given a locker key, First you will pass a meeting place (several tables, chairs, TV and a gym equipment) where people chat, watch TV, smoke or eat. Then you will pass a small bar that sells drink and snack. You can show your locker keys number and get a free mineral water.

In the locker room, there are 4 rows of lockers. Inside the locker, there are 2 towels (and sometimes condoms). You can take off your clothes and wrap yourself with towel. To your right, there are showers, jacuzzi, dry sauna, and steam room (sauna and steam room are pretty dark). To your left, there are 2 movies rooms, benches, 8 small rooms with single bed, and 2 dark rooms (inside these rooms, there are beds and benches, 1 of the room is very dark and you can hardly see anything). Some people will flirt with you, some will even try to touch you especially in the dark room. Friday night is no towel night so you have to take off your towel before the enter the dark rooms and bed rooms area.

Currently, they have theme night as follow:

TUESDAY: Chubby Chaser

WEDNESDAY: Underwear Rules

THURSDAY: Oriental Affair

FRIDAY: No Towels

SUNDAY: 1st & 3rd = Twink (May be 5 or 10 first comer from 18 – 22 year is FREE), 2nd & 4th = Escort Parade.


Price: IDR 220,000 plus 250.000 mandatory tip

After you  pass the second entrance door, you can choose the masseurs from 2 photo albums. You can ask the receptionists more information on the masseur if you need to. After picking the masseur and pay the massage fee, you will be escorted to the massage rooms (there are approximately 5 rooms, only 2 rooms have bathroom inside). Then the masseur will meet you inside the room. A lot of 9M masseurs go to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur for work regularly so not too many masseurs are available.



Address: Jl. K.H. Abdullah Syafei No. 8, Tebet, South Jakarta (approximately 100m from Harris Hotel)
Phone: +6221-9190-9485, +62-857-1139-2277
BB Pin: 2A3DA91F
Price: Depends on package, ranging from IDR 85.000 – 175.000

The location is pretty tricky because if you pass Kasablanka mall and take the bridge (passing Harris Hotel), Brown Spa or Chocolate Spa is on your left but you can not turn left because there is still a road divider, so you either go straight, make a U turn, then make a U turn again under the bridge or, from Kasablanka, don’t take the bridge but you take left lane then turn left, make a U-turn then turn left just after Harris Hotel.

Once you enter the building, there is a receptionist. Usually you will be directed to the second floor after passing a room where the masseurs wait for customers. You can pick the masseur from the photo album. The Spa claims that they have over 30 masseurs but at any given time, you might only have around 10-15 masseurs available. The rooms on second floor don’t have bathroom, rooms on third floor have bath tub. You can only use rooms on the third floor if you pick the 2 hours massage package.

Most of the masseurs will negotiate price for happy ending massage so you just need to be careful in negotiating, make sure that you know what the masseur is willing to do.